Oh my God! The power of positive thinking is amazing, I think I live in a world of abundance and a place where I am God's/(or you may call it Universe's) favorite child.
Last week was stressful, I didn't know where to go next and what to do! To go back to Canada or Chna. There were so many horror stories about people coming back and doing very strict 14 days quarantine. After so much stress and headache I decided to fly to my home in Ch*na, since it's the safest place to be and because people are taking health very seriously, following every single rule in the book to prevent anything from spreading. Every single volunteer, medical professional, police, immigration was extremely helpful and respectful. I am in awe how this fiasco brought such a large country together, everyone is doing absolute best to ensure healthy future.

I will obey and respect every single rule there is in the book, because we are stronger together.
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    Take care Angelina