A year ago this week I was road tripping through Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia. Staying in hotels, walking through crowds, dining in restaurants. I never would have imagined that a year later things would be so different. Looking back on photos from this trip I know I appreciated the freedom to travel at the time, but now I value it even more.⁣

I also have a new appreciation for “essential workers” in our society. I am so grateful that there is someone working at the grocery store so I can buy food. Mail and delivery services so that I can get essentials without leaving my home. Waste management to take my trash. And of course, the medical professionals who are on the front lines of this working extremely long hours in crowded facilities - with and without proper protective equipment.⁣

What do you have a new appreciation for in all of this?

Savannah, Georgia



  • @dutchonthemove 29 March, 2020

    Being at home, I really am thankful for the people I live with <3 After 2 weeks I still like them so that's saying something right ;) And now more than ever, I appreciate the freedom we have to do whatever we want, whenever we want to. Will never ever take that for granted again

  • @soludos 28 March, 2020

    💛 great message

  • @_nisargv 27 March, 2020

    Hey girl 😊😍😍😍😙😙😙

  • @noelletakesawalk 27 March, 2020

    I have an appreciation for my dog- after working a stress filled day at the clinic I work in- she is the healing I need. People that we are seeing are just as stressed and scared. We are all doing our part in some way. Sending healing to Washington! I know y’all are hit hard there!

  • @el_lamb 27 March, 2020


  • @andiau_ 27 March, 2020

    1) having a job 2) having a job where I can work from home 3) being able to help people who have lost jobs because of this 4) my little one whose smiles always bring me back to the hear and now

  • @rachellaurenreeves 27 March, 2020

    What a gorgeous spot 😍

  • @preciouspotato_11 27 March, 2020

    Why you saying “essential workers” like they aren’t really essential, check yourself

  • @agechindesukedo 27 March, 2020

    🔛 (🌸◕ ᴗ ◕„)

  • @kiana_roi 26 March, 2020

    My boyfriend works in a food testing lab. He and his employees work 24/7 to make sure the food that hits our store shelves are safe for us to use. He went grocery shopping and bought a huge amount of food and essentials for his team so when they work weird hours, they can still eat. I am grateful for him and his big heart ❤️

  • @sweetspontaneity 26 March, 2020

    I’ve developed a new appreciation for all that you’ve listed, as well as family and home life. Even with two little children at home, I often found myself thinking of things, plans, and places elsewhere. The next time I could get some alone time at a coffee shop, our plans for the weekend, the store that I wanted to visit... now I’m super appreciative of our comfortable home, the ability to spend uninterrupted time together with my little family, and the beautiful yard we have to enjoy. All things I feel I should have appreciated before, and pledge to continue deeply appreciating once life goes back to a new normal.

  • @thatlizhunter 26 March, 2020

    I'm definitely never taking meeting up with a friend for coffee for granted! And I'm so grateful I still have a job

  • @brietoujours 26 March, 2020

    I have come to appreciate the value of connecting with others.

  • @allyrudolph 26 March, 2020

    Now more than ever - my health, living in a country with ample resources, supportive family and friends, and being forced to slow down. I always tell myself to slow down and be present, but this virus is quite literally forcing us to! I’m also thankful for days when the weather is nice enough that I can get outside ☀️

  • @leahnoel0727 26 March, 2020

    I have an appreciation for my capable body! Even though I can’t spend time with friends, I’m able to get outside and move 😊 also thankful for music and content creators!

  • @tess_tidbits 26 March, 2020

    My house plants 🌱

  • @jamie._.fenn 26 March, 2020

    This is so beautiful 😍

  • @secret_key_photography 26 March, 2020

    Yes!!🙌🙌 One of my favorite shoots of all time! 🌿

  • @alleiram3 26 March, 2020

    So true. This whole thing makes me feel anxious, really. But I am embracing this time of not being busy and just living one day at a time. Praying that this will be all over soon. 🙏 take care, Allison! 💜

  • @shannngrams 26 March, 2020

    Our jobs. My fiancé and I are incredibly fortunate to be able to work remotely full-time. Having a quarantine buddy is a nice perk too.

  • @photoallison 26 March, 2020

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  • @thedesertsupply 26 March, 2020

    Love this pic 📸😍