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  • @keaborner 19 August, 2019

    i’ve worked in the insurance industry and people may not realize that this actually increases your overall premium over the course of a few years. an insurance company likes a long term customer so hopping around from company to company may not always be the best thing. your not establishing that much of a history with the current company so when you switch with the new one they can’t know how great of a customer you are. if you plan to switch. make sure your a long term customer. tbh the will get the better rates

  • @therealdavidpatrick 17 August, 2019

    💯 always shop around for auto, home, and life

  • @allstateheathbarrett 14 August, 2019


  • @bram3125 6 August, 2019

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  • @smmcanada 6 August, 2019

    @laughingatthebank000 look at this page, inspiring, they talk the way you talk.🙌🙌👏

  • @kimberrleigh 11 hours ago

    I just did this! I was paying $209/mo with Allstate, now have the same coverage for $80/mo with Geico!!

  • @xotrissa 5 August, 2019

    I'd rather have a better company and pay a little more. I've heard horror stories of certain companies over and over and good things about the company I'm with over and over.

  • @be.kind.5 4 August, 2019

    Great idea!!

  • @lenoxcupcakes 4 August, 2019

    We recently left the company we've been with for over 20 years. They wouldn't give us better rates. We shopped around and will save $1300/year.

  • @thelaymaninvestor 4 August, 2019

    Ooo good point. Always look for the deal

  • @em011243 4 August, 2019

    I was at the verge of giving up i never believed @official_elinafx_trader will make me so much profit in just a week testifying on my withdrawal i have receipt to proved it

  • @anthonyyeung23 4 August, 2019

    Did this recently! 😤

  • @tw22197 4 August, 2019

    What about phone service? @tmobile is killing me!

  • @mrs.marysierra 4 August, 2019

    Omg we had been with AAA for over 13 years and finally looked into different insurance companies and now we are paying 52% less with our new insurance . All that money we threw away!

  • @stiltsinstilettos 4 August, 2019

    Canadian here...I got my renewal last week and instantly started shopping around...my renewal was way lower than what everyone else was offering...then I got a renewal bill for CAA which is $81...my insurance company offers roadside assistance for $45 added to the policy...which makes more sense to me...why pay almost double...then I got my plate renewal letter on the same day...😖 haha... thank goodness I started sinking fund accounts for these expenses. I will be ok. Getting your shit 2gether is no joke and right when I need to be doing back to school shopping.😩

  • @ty_laqt 4 August, 2019

    Great tip!! I plan to do this in a few months, current policy is almost up and previous accident will no longer cause rate increase.

  • @camjhall 4 August, 2019

    I have shopped around over 6 yrs and switched. The auto insurance i have is the cheapest and i get a discount for being an alumni of my college and being a nurse. I had my husband switch over and he was saving $10 less.

  • @veronicacopple 4 August, 2019

    Yearly? Seriously? I’m having trouble with this one because I really value my time and there are so many companies to choose from. Further, don’t some companies run your credit score to check your credit? Doesn’t this damage your score to have things run often? Also, I’m currently getting discounts for bundling my home, business, and cars, as well as a longevity bonus (called a good customer discount) if you move companies frequently, then there is no time for longevity bonus/discount to build. 🤔

  • @nusaybahnichols 4 August, 2019

    Sorry to sound lazy but I hate shopping around because I’m talking to soooo many people and getting quotes and then emails hounding me about the quote. I do need to change but all the hounding is annoying.

  • @black_buffett 4 August, 2019

    Big facts! When I had a car, I used to change insurance companies like underwear. You can leave at anytime! You not stuck for that 6 months. And if you leave after you paid for the upcoming month, they prorate you and refund the difference.