You know what’s the hardest thing to do?!....write a bio about yourself! Hold on tight folks this could be a bit bumpy!

K double E-L-Y in house! It’s pretty clear when you meet me that I have a serious case of ADD. I snap my fingers, twist my hair and dance in the middle of the day. 89% of my sentences end with an exclamation point because most things I say have that much energy behind it! If you ask my friends they will tell you I’m bossy but fiercely loyal. My husband would say I'm stubborn but determined and kids would say I’m a hoot and half...just kidding. I'm sure they would tell you in a little crazy. I inherited my mom's directness and my dads drive. Growing up in a small town where my teen years mimicked most country songs is a huge part of me. I guess that’s why I prefer camping on the lake much more than a tropical vacation or a hike in the gorge over a trip to the spa. I am energized by meeting new people. I’m not talking just hellos, and names. I’m talking really getting to know someone...I love it! I am motivated by giving advice, educating and providing peace of mind. That’s why I love my job. My doors are open, coffees on, so come on in and let’s chat!