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14 August, 2019

smash-and-grab thieves ⁣
#carbreakin Do you have coverage?⁣ 🔹

Before you get out of your car, make sure all your valuables are out of sight. Never leave these things lying out on your seats, dashboard or floor #cartheft prevention tip⁣

You may be covered for theft of personal property, but coverage may not be provided under an auto policy. ⁣
Quick Take: Items stolen from a car⁣
● Personal property theft is not typically included in auto coverage⁣
● Personal property left in your car may be covered under a homeowners policy⁣
● Deductibles will likely apply⁣

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  • @emmyscammahorn 15 August, 2019

    I put my purse on the floor and throw a jacket or towel over it.