It may be a hard realization, but auditing your business or yourself to find where your weaknesses are and having the willingness to implement things to offset that puts you in a huge position to succeed. We are dealing with it now, we have been in business long enough that we can easily spot the breakdowns in our systems and processes. I encourage you to take off the rose colored glasses and take a hard look, you might not like what you see but it might be the exact thing you need to see. #insurance #selfawareness #marketing

Mobile, Alabama



  • @insureyourcompany 21 August, 2019

    Love this! Great quote

  • @digitalrev3nue 17 August, 2019

    Yesss lol alot of business owners I talk to think they are professional copywriters and marketers, mean while they aren't even using hashtags on their IG accounts.

  • @cmayfive5 14 August, 2019

    Love this!! One of my favorite quotes about leadership is โ€œthe best leaders know what they donโ€™t know.โ€

  • @thebig.scarborougheast 14 August, 2019

    Sometimes we get lost in our everyday hustle and bustle. Good to take the time out to see yourself from a third person view. Great stuff guys keep it up.

  • @gritleadership 14 August, 2019

    Self awareness is the most important part of building a great team! We need a diversity of skills sets to create teamwork. If we were all just a like we wouldnโ€™t need each other