Yesterday we camped close to Big Sur (no phone service + dirt in my nails) and it was really refreshing. The drive also had major amalfi vibes. I can get used to my new home 💛 #california

Amalfi Coast



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  • @slovak_german_couple 12 September, 2019

    That sounds so good 😍 have a good time 😊

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    So beautiful looking 👍

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  • @whitneywandering 11 September, 2019

    Welcome to California! Big sur is such a gem, glad you are enjoying the new views 🤗❤️

  • @littlemissfitspo 11 September, 2019

    I live so close to Big Sur yet have never been!! Someday!!

  • @marohh.sara 11 September, 2019

    Lovely! ❤️
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  • @lay_heegaard 11 September, 2019

    This looks amazing

  • @thewanderingqueen 11 September, 2019

    So colorful! I love it!

  • @christine_marie9786 11 September, 2019

    Check out the Big Sur Taphouse 👍🏻