I never made a fuss about this day, mainly because it never felt like it belonged to me. It would be nine years from this day before I’d ever set foot in #NewYork , longer until I learned to love her like my own. 🌃 I did not want to take a piece of her when so many needed her pieces to grieve. She wasn’t mine. I mourned for others’ losses, but with a distinct disconnect. But slowly, month after month, plane ticket after plane ticket, this city, the only other US city to pull apart pieces of my heart methodically, it made me love her, to the point where landing at JFK felt like coming home. 🏙 The subways became manageable, Times Square, avoided, and the streets that made music History found and worshipped. Slowly, slowly, she crawled into the crevasses of my heart, where even the soul music of New Orleans hadn’t touched and made me love her to the point where today means something entirely different than it did when I was young and did not know her. 🌃 All of my love, #NY . My resilient “other city.” #NeverForget

Manhattan, New York