Beautiful Singapore
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  • @the_chained_monkey 21 September, 2019

    Like a sauna with the switch faulty so it’s hot and humid 24/7 and now the haze yay!

  • @mrvillamayor 21 September, 2019

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  • @tobizoch 20 September, 2019

    Just a concrete desert with lots of unfriendly people.

  • @ritu.oswal.12 20 September, 2019

    It was always n still there n will be 💯

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  • @thebigwalkabout_ 19 September, 2019

    Truly beautiful 😍

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  • @pabshewie 18 September, 2019

    Hello Singapore. See you again soon. ❤️

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  • @alanhannnn_ 18 September, 2019

    so cool!