A nice slow, relaxed 3 miles.
I feel like I've so many life decisions to make -- πŸ’‡πŸ’‡ what colour should my hair be??
β˜€οΈπŸŒ²βœˆοΈ What am I going to do for Christmas?? @airarabiagroup cancelled my flights, unfortunately my insurance was also with them and they're refusing to pay out for accommodation, transfers, trips etc, so we are potentially loosing thousands of pounds.
Alternatively we could have an extensive journey with stopovers and a three hour transfer with two children .....
I always hear of insurance pitfalls, and I always pay extra for premium insurance. Right now, I feel really ripped off!!
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  • @julie.z.davies 7 October, 2019

    Does Nolan still sort stuff out? Or BBC watchdog?

  • @juanfernandogarciaiturburu 7 October, 2019


  • @mike_is_full_of_carbs 7 October, 2019

    28 isn’t slow to me I struggle for 30 minutes.....soon ill be fast.

  • @martinpout 7 October, 2019

    That’s rubbish :-( Fortunately, running is something that will never let you down. Hope it all gets sorted for you all.

  • @zen_being_zen 7 October, 2019

    If an airline cancels your flight they are obliged to put you on another flight, even if it’s with a different airline, though this may not be on same day - hope you can get it sorted & go on your trip 🀞