Clare ( @clareduffyxx )

8 November, 2019
DAY 8 #myhousethismonth
It’s Friday and the end of the dieting week...well 5 days, ok 4 and a half to be precise 🙌🏻 I now have three days of eating, drinking and being lazy. Why am I putting myself through Monday to Thursday depriving my body of essential nutrients like crisps!
I’m clearly a lot happier as of today 😉
I get lots of lovely messages about the panelling in the bedroom and hallway and my pics on the grid always get so many lovely compliments.
The kitchen is probably up there as an INSTA FAVE too. I’ve tried to be a bit clever today and incorporate the two into one pic. This could either do well or be an epic failure 🙈
Be kind to me...I’m sugar starved and very fragile. .
Hope everyone has a great start to the weekend. Tell me all your food and drink plans... 😁🤗
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Newcastle upon Tyne



  • @no.5_pendle 12 November, 2019

    This is so beautiful x

  • @ourprettylittlegeorgianbuild 10 November, 2019

    Such A Beautiful Kitchen 😍

  • @theonebespoke 9 November, 2019

    Beautiful! Xx

  • @bentley_jill 9 November, 2019

    Wow, wood effect tiles😮amazing. They look fabulous 🦋

  • @tracey_interior 9 November, 2019

    So beautiful xx

  • @the_gg_house 9 November, 2019

    WoW Claire fabulous shot absolutely loving the floor and panelling ❤️ now eat drink whatever you want and enjoying your weekend Xxx 😘

  • @burksconstruction 9 November, 2019

    Love the wanes-coating

  • @party_at_the_gaze 9 November, 2019

    I think it looks great, now grab yourself some chocolate and enjoy your weekend xx

  • @myhome3533 9 November, 2019

    Clare I love your panelling! And what a fabulous shot this is 🙌🏼 You’re killing it my love! Hope your fridays been good 🖤 xx

  • @crossfamilyhome 8 November, 2019

    I think it’s a hit 😍

  • @stokes_family_thornford 8 November, 2019

    Beautiful x

  • @renovating_in_heels 8 November, 2019

    It’s a great shot of both areas. I’ve been good for ages so got a Chinese tonight. But have to say I regret it. I feel sick im so full and wish I had had a healthier tea! X

  • @fiveatnumberthree 8 November, 2019

    I love this angle of your home 🖤 beautiful xx

  • @thecreamfrontdoor 8 November, 2019

    I love the panelling! It looks really beautiful x

  • @my_abode_experiment 8 November, 2019

    I can’t imagine this shot being an epic failure 😍🖤

  • @sammydunks 8 November, 2019

    I can see why they are your favs! I’ve very recently become a panel lover and green eyed monster for those who have it!! Great nailed it!!

  • @athomewithsiobhan 8 November, 2019

    Love this shot! 💙💙💙

  • @elainesrovesntroves 8 November, 2019

    This is a beautiful shot ... enjoy your weekend treats

  • @heart_of_number3 8 November, 2019

    Fellow grey obsesser. And Nancy is gorgeous.😍

  • @granny.jules 8 November, 2019

    My food and drink plans ... involve thoughts of doing better next week ... starting Monday ... afternoon 😉😘