Happy FriYAY friends! 🙌🏻 So every year we debate whether to get a real Christmas tree or a faux one but this year we are leaning towards faux to prevent the mess of a real tree... and then getting some pine candles for the scent that we love!! Plus it saves money year after year. We’ve also seen so many pretty faux ones. We polled you guys in our stories yesterday asking which you prefer and it’s exactly 50/50. 🌲 Curious, which do you guys do and why?? P.S. How much do you love this shelfie?! We are excited to decorate it for Christmas! We share a closer up in our stories and we will be showing you how we plan to deck it out. 🌲

Encinitas, California



  • @eclectic_goods_lifestyle 15 November, 2019

    Such a great cozy corner!

  • @covelle_company 14 November, 2019

    Love it!!!

  • @staceysor 13 November, 2019

    Love love this setup!! We do a faux tree—just easier with a toddler! ❤

  • @habit_lash 13 November, 2019


  • @maisey.co 12 November, 2019


  • @aj.delong 12 November, 2019

    Dying for an accent chair like this

  • @thewarrenhaus 12 November, 2019

    I’m so torn this year! we usually do faux but i kind of want a real one, but don’t want the hassle?! Idk 🤣

  • @padma_2110 11 November, 2019

    Love the Shelfie ♥️

  • @jessicalaurengoldin 11 November, 2019


  • @ourlittle_bluehouse 10 November, 2019

    We went with a faux tree that looks unbelievably real! After some research we learned that faux trees made in the US are actually more eco friendly than real ones because of the carbon footprint of driving to get the real one and the disposal of them! (Surprising and I’m sure it’s debatable) we ended up buying these scented sticks that you hang in the tree that make it smell like a real tree. They’re strong so we only used a few last year and have plenty for this year! I love the fact that we can set up the tree at any time and don’t have to worry if we go out of town for holiday! I mean, you really can’t go wrong either way!

  • @jennirenee 10 November, 2019

    @el_vaquero79 vibes

  • @champagneetparadis 9 November, 2019

    That chair is a timeless beauty.

  • @a_n_n_a_stl 9 November, 2019

    Loving the chair 💗

  • @ellcsmith 9 November, 2019

    @lewis71_ I like that shelving thing?

  • @kml.interiors_ 9 November, 2019

    I love a real one!!!

  • @lapopups 9 November, 2019


  • @ariellelevyphoto 9 November, 2019

    Faux-no mess no hassle

  • @thedecorholic 9 November, 2019

    This is beautiful ❤️

  • @blissfully_eclectic 9 November, 2019

    This is so beautiful 😍

  • @mia.interiors 9 November, 2019

    I still into real ones! There’s the tradition I love about going to cut it down!

  • @sego_deco 8 November, 2019

    Canon 😍

  • @kcdesignco 8 November, 2019

    We grew up with real trees and love the tradition of going to get our tree. We used to cut them down at a farm but when life is busy it’s just as much fun going to the local garden shop around the corner to find one.😊 Plus they have flocked trees that are so pretty.