Happy Saturday friends! πŸ’™ So yesterday we did a poll asking if you guys do real or faux Christmas trees and the results are in our stories... the winner was... FAUX! The reasons you guys shared yesterday why you preferred faux was because of allergies, the mess, saves a tree, saves money, can’t put a real one up as early since it doesn’t last as long.🌲 Wellllll for the past 8 years we have gotten real trees and love the tradition however this year we decided to try faux! We will be sharing more in our stories on what we chose. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Moonlight Beach



  • @rikkisnyder 9 hours ago

    Love that dresser!

  • @kaypenner 9 hours ago

    I have that same dresser!

  • @nerminbalpinar2019 11 hours ago

    ❀️😁okey mi?

  • @jccrossdesign 12 November, 2019

    Beautiful dresser! ❀️

  • @potterybarn 12 November, 2019

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  • @alignedlife_dm 11 November, 2019

    Lovely home you have! I've always been a huge fan of the black, white, and wood decor.. plus plants πŸ€— I don't think you can go wrong! 😍

  • @laurasimpleliving 11 November, 2019

    So beautiful

  • @mervellerde 11 November, 2019


  • @thedevilseesfoliage 11 November, 2019

    So simple yet so stylish πŸ–€

  • @the_house_of_creativity 11 November, 2019

    Loving this fantastic view. So many beautiful details... love it. Hope you are having a wonderful day my dear!! πŸ’–

  • @awanderfulltime 10 November, 2019

    I love literally EVERYTHING you so. ❀️

  • @homeinthechugach 10 November, 2019

    Faux all the way!!!! 🀩

  • @harrisesther4 10 November, 2019

    Bought our first faux tree this year after 37 years of real noble firs. I'm a little sad, but hope that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Last year we decided to skip the tree and bought 16 large poinsettias. It was spectacular but I missed having a tree.

  • @kotlenski_decoration 10 November, 2019


  • @modernly_you 10 November, 2019

    Love that llama on the wall 😍

  • @heatherkwstyles 10 November, 2019

    We do faux and have a fabulous one we will use for years to come!

  • @styleitprettyhome 10 November, 2019

    So beautiful!

  • @c4pturinghappiness 10 November, 2019

    love it😍❀️

  • @cloe.thomson 10 November, 2019

    Whatttt? I’m so surprised!

  • @scratchandline 10 November, 2019

    @zes_makes swooon

  • @ciarassimplelife 10 November, 2019

    Yay for faux!