One of the highly requested things for me to cover is gun cleaning, so I’ve teamed up with @ballistol_uk which is what we use and we’re going to bring you a video of how we clean our guns, it’s a very personal thing as some people will put in far more effort into cleaning, then others will put far less effort, this will be simply how we do it! Our guns are perfectly sound and well cleaned after nearly every use and and we haven’t encountered any problems yet, so we must be doing something right!



  • @beaumont.hadley 15 January, 2020

    Where can I see the video?👍🏼

  • @mohammd_kazem__hajepor 15 January, 2020


  • @jsmailes 14 January, 2020


  • @gregx78 14 January, 2020

    Ballistol is best stuff for gun care ever made, Im surprised that not many people know it in UK

  • @shooting_johnson_725 14 January, 2020

    Nice gun

  • @lewg48 14 January, 2020

    Really interested to hear how you use a George Forman grill to help clean your gun 😂