Do you live in Maryland and have your Auto Insurance with Erie? If you haven’t already, ask your Agent about our new Erie YourTurn program where drivers can earn rewards of gift cards for safe driving! Youthful drivers can earn up to $10 and adults can earn up to $5 dollars every two weeks in gift card rewards! It doesn’t affect your premium and there’s nothing to attach to your vehicle, it’s all with a mobile app! •
I considered myself a really good driver before but I truly believe this program has opened my eyes to ways that I can be even more safe. It’s based on hard braking, fast acceleration, hard cornering, speeding over a certain amount, and distracted driving which is using your cell phone. I downloaded it in early January and already have $15 in rewards with an overall score of 99 out of 100! There are currently over 30 gift cards to choose from! •
If you are not already insured with Erie but would like to learn more, feel free to message me and we can talk! Erie has very strict underwriting guidelines and doesn’t advertise on a national level, therefore we can offer amazing coverages and a highly competitive premium!•

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