Nicks vish ( @nicks_vish )

14 February, 2020
Hurricane (Gemmy boy) – Happy Birthday Wuff Wuff.

You are our sunshine not just on rainy days but every day. Thank you, Universe, for our greatest blessing ever. To see how much Joy, you bring to all of us, fills my heart with so much gratitude. We gave the greatest and truest name to you, Hurricane - our storm of Joy.
You remind us to stop and breathe in the fresh air, you remind us to slow down and enjoy life and everything that is around me. You ground us. You have made us realize there is so much more to life than all the accolades we chase. We have never met anyone who cares for someone as much as you care for us. Mom will give you more treats when she gets home.

My boy-o-boy..You are my guardian angel. I could be gone the entire year or just 5 mins and you are always excited to see me and it makes me feel so special and valued. I’m also sorry for all the times I decided to stay away from you, instead of spending the time with you. I am sorry if you ever feel lonely, and I am sorry for when I forget to rub your belly in just the right spot. I am sorry for not being around all the time. Your Dad is just stuck with other things.
You mean the world to me, and I don’t thank you enough for all that you truly do. I am lucky to have your love, trust and loyalty. I wish you could read this note to truly know that you are my world.
We love you so much, Gemmu. Thank you for choosing us as your Mom & Dad.

Happy 7th Birthday. Belly rubs.

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