#weekeight Steak and nuts for brekky, turkey and veg for lunch, skippy snags with brown onion gravy for dinner. Extra chilli in with my turkey to warm me up. It has been tough getting up in the morning for my #fastedcardio . But I know I need to keep at it, consistency is key. Three weeks to go, the toughest part will be making a change long term. Not falling back into old habits and starting another challenge next year in worse shape than I am now. Anyway onwards and upwards!! #define8 really gives me a kickstart to the day and I notice the difference at work when I have skipped it in the morning. #asnchallenger #asnbtc2016 #whereismymojo #sorryskip #fitterfasterbetter #bringbacksummer #longtermchange



  • @musclewerksinc 31 May, 2016