Finally; #FirstTake starring #RedScarletW is better than advertised! #SorrySkip

Forest Park



  • @executiveproductions 4 December, 2016

    @newbranchfilms look at our last few videos. I could also email you a few links.

  • @newbranchfilms 4 December, 2016

    @executiveproductions got any footage you can share?

  • @executiveproductions 3 December, 2016

    @newbranchfilms it's a monster!

  • @newbranchfilms 3 December, 2016

    Red dragon!

  • @mark_vmg 24 November, 2016

    Awesome, thanks

  • @executiveproductions 24 November, 2016

    @mark_vmg "Comer V mount battery" I haven't seen the remaining balance on the screen. But i haven't playee with the settings as much either. I typically just check the indicator on the actual batter and switch out when it's down to the last green bar

  • @mark_vmg 24 November, 2016

    Which V-mount battery do you use, and does it show the remaining percentage on screen?

  • @jaimieree 13 November, 2016

    Holey moley!