If you want people to be a part of your mission & relate to something; you can't add another cliche laced track to the playlist of unreachable dreams in their heads.

The "grind" is where the love comes from.

It's where the mission is built.
It's where you justify the attention.
It's where you over-deliver your value.

This is where you forge your culture.

The dawn of a new relationship.

You need to remain strong enough to allow the world to see the process of how it evolves to "perfect" in the first place; establishing a tangible history of how it all began & bringing a value that people can attach themselves to.

Stop operating from a position that's constantly required to put out fires. Learning to recognize & divert from the forest altogether, will enable you to bring more value & become a stronger asset to your team.

It also draws the curtain a little to show what a strong recovery looks like in the face of adversity or how a "pivot" develops when an idea is in its "scaling" infancy. Your "story" is where the "buy-in" comes from because this process is how your audience can relate to you and your challenges.

Executing to the point of making an actual living with my passion is in a way, "doing right" by the dreams I had when I was a little boy.

Find a way to "hustle" your childhood & execute on your passion.

So what's my attention focused on these days? Hit me up & lets build the vision together; we may be focusing our attention on the same interests.

Here's a hint, my passions are found in the tags; I'm just saying.





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