For today’s #fallforcostume theme of 18th century, I’m sharing a favorite shot of my most recent project from this era, my 1720s robe volante. I think what I love most about fashion history is that even when you think you know an era really well, there’s always so much more to explore if you just dig a little deeper. When most people think of the 18th century, their minds go straight to the latter half of the century, because the styles of the 1760s-1790s have been very much en vogue in the costuming community in recent years. There is certainly still a lot to explore in these later decades, but I’ve been increasingly drawn to the earlier decades that don’t get quite as much love. It’s especially fascinating to trace the roots of the later styles through the earlier garments that laid the groundwork for them. The loose pleats of the robe volante, falling so gracefully from the shoulder, share a common ancestor with the more familiar pleating and fit of the later sacque and the English nightgown. There’s so much more to explore in this era — this was my first early-18th century project, but it certainly won’t be my last. #18thcentury #historicalcostume #historicalfashion #fashionhistory #dresshistory #1720s #robevolante #robebattante #sacque #watteau #pleats #silktaffeta #bigpinkdress #18thcenturyfashion



  • @the.making.of.a.lady 18 October, 2018

    Yes, this! I’ve had a burgeoning obsession with the 1720s-1740s since last year. It’s such a beautiful silhouette and the simpler cut gives it a wonderful look. Perhaps because there isn’t as much of a custom “curvy” fit, but whatever it is, it looks wonderful on you!