Harleen Singh ( @wander_leen )

11 November, 2018
Comfort source :)
I always say that life is full of ups and downs. One thing that helps is the source that keeps you going and gives you comfort during your bad days. Something/someone that makes you feel better during your lows. Undoubtedly, for me that factor has always been dogs :) Any dog! My own, someone else's or the ones we find on the streets. And we all need to identify that source of strength for ourselves. Because that's what flashes in your mind when you are really upset and have only negative thoughts going on. .
I've learnt one thing from my hard times - we need to focus our energy towards something that will take our mind off the distress we are feeling. I play with dogs. I talk to them. Cuddle them. Feed them. But I also do other things. Especially creative things. I do art. I read. I paint. I make different crafty objects. It has definitely helped me a lot. So try and find that one thing that will always be something that you can fall back on when your mind is uneasy. One new thing I learnt this time was that when you feel an extreme negative emotion, put your hands into an ice bowl. It suddenly takes your mind off the negativity and forces you to think of the numbness your hands are feeling. .
I'm just trying to share my experiences. It might help someone someday :) Bruno baby is home with us for a bit since Glen and Whiskey are away. It's easier to take care of this tiny package since he is smaller and a lot more calm. But he'll be back with my parents soon because I will get the brats back home. So we're just spending as much family time with this little one as possible for now :) He definitely makes us happy. As always, don't abandon your pets guys. You are all they have and you are all they want. Pets are family and are not objects that can be discarded. They have only love to give you and all they want in return is love as well :)
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