SELF CONVERTERS: How did you insure your vans after converting them to campers? When we bought the horizon she was already registered as a motorhome so that’s one hurdle we haven’t jumped yet. Share your insight!
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Yosemite National Park



  • @rainer.viillos 26 July, 2019

    Nice truck 🤗👍🏻

  • @surakhshit 18 December, 2018

    You have such a great collection of pictures 🌸 🌸

  • @_onthehorizon 5 December, 2018

    @derekjj88 thank you!!

  • @derekjj88 5 December, 2018

    👌👌👌 Van envy! Awesome photo!

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  • @thegreatvanture 11 hours ago

    Amazing 😍 I love your van!

  • @woodlens_expedition 16 November, 2018

    Amazing view and van 😍⛰🚐

  • @pepe_mosre 16 November, 2018


  • @married2adventure 16 November, 2018

    Never even focused on that part. We converted our van and typically stay 2-4 months a year in it. We did ours on the cheap so if the van was a total loss our insurance coverage would be adequate. Anyone going to be at this years RTR?!?!

  • @myglobalways 16 November, 2018

    Such an amazing way of life!!! ❤️

  • @kahuatees 15 November, 2018

    Awesome pic 🤙🏼

  • @ericmlombardo 15 November, 2018

    I am currently trying to figure this out. lol Perfect timing.

  • @vantasticusa 15 November, 2018

    We’ve found it can vary depending on the state it’s registered in, the insurance company, and whether it’s being used for vacations or actually residing in. Recently someone told us that State Farm let’s them insure the van as a van, then they added $15,000 of additional coverage for their “build”, then they insure their belongings (cameras, clothes, etc) under a renter’s policy tied to a family member’s house.

  • @anowi12 15 November, 2018

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  • @easygoinc 15 November, 2018

    beautiful! 😍

  • @learningtoliveonless 15 November, 2018

    In Kansas we have to have a built in cooking surface to be considered an RV. We put full coverage, which won’t cover much since it’s a 1990 and we will continue to carry homeowners/rental insurance that will cover the contents. I’m still looking for better options. We’re with State Farm since we’ve used them for 20 years.

  • @wildeready 15 November, 2018

    Lovely! Happy travels

  • @msothyogi 15 November, 2018

    That van is one sexy beast! @qbchef #vangoals