This week’s collective reading, we have three cards: The Sun, 3 of pentacles and The Mother.
This speaks to a powerful uplifting energy that is present (Venus just came outta retrograde) that wants you to put yourself first and find a new deeper connection with yourself by expanding your awareness. This might be through acquiring a new skill, reading a book/article or an online/in person course of study etc. The Mother is all about unconditional love for self, nurturing, patience and giving birth to your unique expression through whatever medium you choose. (Needlepoint, woodturing, singing, styling, painting, weaving, poetry etc)Bask in your inner glory and get out and have some fun learning new stuff...and to all you perfectionists (me included) getting it right first time or getting High Distinctions is not the point, it truly is about letting your hair down and exploring life. The decks I used this week are: Caroline Myss’s Archetype Cards and The Destiny Tarot by Jane Struthers (my first tarot deck)Dinosaur earrings by the lovely Cally Winfield #tinytarot #weeklyreading #tarot #carolinemyss #archetypes #sun #threeofpentacles #mother #nurtureyourself #bepatientwithyourself #getcreative #getoutofyourcomfortzone #expandyourawareness #expansion #upskill #havefun .