The 12 Moms of Christmas is in full swing! Today I've got a beautiful mom to share with you. She is the mother of not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 little boys! That right there is enough for me to stop and take listen to what this super momma has to say. I believe this will bless and inspire you during the holiday season.
Susan challenges us to find peace in this season. But not by doing more, but by pressing into the Giver of Peace. "Maybe if we spent our first fruits of the morning in prayer with the Giver of Peace, the Man of God whom we celebrate this season, imagine how that could redirect our day, our intentions, our motives, our traditions."
Grab a cup of cocoa, coffee, tea and settle in to enjoy reading this call to peace during the beautiful Christmas season.
At the end of her writing she asks this question and it's definently one I am pondering as the Christmas season winds up. "What triggers stress or anxiety during Christmas for you?  As God cares for you, how are you casting these cares on Him?"
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  • @ourparentplace 8 December, 2018

    Five boys! Whew!!! I love this. I'm always looking for ways to incorporate Christ into our Christmas!

  • @momtessorian1 8 December, 2018

    We must remember the reason for the season and keep him first during this time!

  • @onesharpmamablog 8 December, 2018

    We found this really cute movie called The Star and it’s been the perfect way to start explaining everything to my 2 year old. She loves the movie, it’s actually really cute! It helps us explain Christ in Christmas 💗

  • @diaryofasocalmama 7 December, 2018

    So important! We’re still navigating how to keep Jesus at the center of the festivities with our kids. We bought our toddler a nativity set to play with.