#OTD , January 8th in #Queen & #FreddieMercury history
1971 - Queen played at #TheMarqueeClub , London, UK
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Queen were determined to present a show of consummate professionalism and spent much of the early part of 1971 locked away in rehearsal. They were working on material to be included later on their first two album and their sedulous approach meant honing the songs took many weeks. They had a fresh confidence in the new line-up but both Brian May & John Deacon were heavily constrained by their college studies. They still managed to rehearse up to four times each week but concerts a good distance from London were virtually impossible during term time. This cautious strategy was to last some time. Brian not dedicating himself solely to the band until ‘Queen II’ and John until ‘Sheer Heart Attack’. Whether driven by the need to appease their parents or not, it revealed an astounding degree of prudence - it indubitably slowed Queen’s progress in their formative years but these very attributes were later part of their character; they didn’t take risks, the group was scrupulously regimented, It was perhaps simultaneously their main strength and weakness. ©✒ Mark Hodkinson
1982 - Freddie made a guest appearance with #PeterStraker ’s #Taxi , at #HogsGruntPub , #Cricklewood , UK & sang #JailhouseRock
Always love to read how Queen were such pros & perfectionists since the start. Leaving you with a the Jailhouse Rock performance from #Hammersmith 75 gig & attributing it to #ElvisPresley who was born 84 years today.Good night all with this explosive #performance , can`t with Freddie`s moves apart from his cool interpretation of the song & ofc his throwing flowers to the crowd🔥💐❤️ (🎥©Queen)
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    100% better than Elvis

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    🤣Can’t with those shorts and skinny legs And Energy!!! Where IS the Shyness??🤣 Great one! Happy day, E! 💜🎶👑😘

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