Mark ( @my_memory_museum )

12 January, 2019
Travel to me is more than just sightseeing and eating. It is also learning about the place’s culture. One way to do this is to listen to people’s life stories. Through their stories, I hope to capture life lessons that I can implement into my own life. . These two women were sitting outside a metro station in Old Delhi, India. I do not know the reason why they were sitting there, but I felt compelled to give them a big smile hoping that they will return it back with a smile of their own. I hope that through my smile, I gave them a moment of relief from the pain and hardship that I felt as I looked them in the eye.
#travel #photography #memories #pain #portrait #OldDelhi #A7iii #sonyalpha

Old Delhi



  • @escapeenjoyrides 12 January, 2019

    Nice picture kuya..

  • @chantellemcruz 12 January, 2019

    this is a really good picture kuya martin !