New Year New Facial wash. Here is my #1empty1newbie
🌿 @humanheartnature Acne Defense Facial Wash. I used this last year as my facial not because I am prone to acne but because of the natural ingredients. It is also effective for only skin which leads to acne. But now, I decided to try another facial wash which is the….
🌿 @myraphilippines VitaWhite Facial Wash. This product is not new to me because I already used their lotion and also tried their vitamins. I love the smell of the facial wash. So far my skin loves it. I didn’t feel any irritation. It is also available in VitaSmooth Hydrating Facial Wash
🌿 How about you, do you have any new facial wash or any facial wash that you tried? You can share it in the comments.🌿