Insurance can be confusing and hard, let alone tiny home insurance. So we made a quick blog post (link in bio) on what we went with! Even included our policy for you to see how it's broken up! πŸ₯



  • @annegarrett419 28 April, 2019

    Great πŸ‘ SHOT πŸ’™!

  • @little_eventyr_tinyhouse 9 March, 2019

    I looked in to this company a few on the ago and then again last week. My yearly premium quote went up $200 and they no longer have GPS tracking.

  • @nauticalnomads 5 March, 2019

    We are dreading registering our bus and an RV! We’ve heard it’s a nightmare in FL πŸ™„

  • @allinforsunshine 13 February, 2019


  • @campfettig 5 February, 2019

    I would have never thought that tiny home insurance would have been different than normal home owners insurance.

  • @publicstake 5 February, 2019

    showing your page some love

  • @us3andtherv 3 February, 2019

    Oh my gosh can it ever be πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  • @shelleyfindshappy 2 February, 2019

    Reposted. Great stuff!

  • @gigaduftetrine 2 February, 2019


  • @alwayzthelady 2 February, 2019

    😍 A tiny house in Florida!

  • @little_eventyr_tinyhouse 2 February, 2019

    I didn't even know of that company so thank you. And I had the same fears of reliability with insuremy... Thanks for the hints. Being a new by to the tiny house life is often confusing and frustrating.

  • @mollyandjonathan 2 February, 2019

    Oh can't wait to learn more!!!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  • @devindelucca 1 February, 2019

    Not to be weird but what part of florida? I live in north fort myers and have been looking to buy a tiny house... I'm not sure who are where to go through

  • @roomporn 1 February, 2019

    Love this shot!!

  • @devdolldomi_ 1 February, 2019

    This is too funny! Haha

  • @mel.rosie 1 February, 2019

    Thank you!!

  • @combar_pro 1 February, 2019

    This is awesome! ☺

  • @addrexel 1 February, 2019

    This may be a dumb question: do policies like this cover slide in pick up campers?

  • @holly_marie21 1 February, 2019