Friends! I need advice. Please comment below your experience on #petinsurance 🐶🧾 I would do anything for my babies (as any #dogparent would lol!!) I have heard so many mixed reviews on insurance... some say life saver, some say waste of $. I have two Australian Shepherds that are both 2 years old (3 this summer). Right now I give Bosco his injections myself (to save of course and my vet approved it!!) 👩🏻‍⚕️I was looking into @costco new pet insurance policy they offer it would be about $100 per month. Thanks so much!! 👇🏼👇🏼 #petparents #insurance #debtfreecommunity #daveramseybabysteps #daveramsey #babysteps #debtsnowball #dogstagram #frugal #minimalist #advice #debtfreeliving #simplelife #petinsider



  • @ketolishchi 18 February, 2019

    Love your page! #ketogoals

  • @rachelhschneider 9 February, 2019

    I agree that your best bet is to have a separate account that you deposit what you would spend on insurance every month. That way if you never have any issues with your pets you haven’t wasted your money. Most companies don’t cover your annual checkup and boosters, if you saved monthly you could use that money towards your annual visits. So far you haven’t had any major issues with your pets so I think saving is better than insurance.

  • @nicoleelagrangee 8 February, 2019

    It’s like any other insurance you would buy. You have to look at it less as another bill to pay every month and look at it as a stress free lifestyle. Accidents happen not just to you but also your pets the only difference is when you break your arm your expenses are covered by the taxes you pay but your pets wouldn’t be so you either fork out the money to get them fixed up or you fork out the money to put them down, both options are less than ideal and expensive. There’s also many different policies you can get, some cover literally everything from yearly check ups and medications to major surgeries obviously for larger prices but you can get cost effective ones that cover less if you want but then if something were to happen where your pet wasn’t covered you would be paying out of pocket for that. Also keep in mind that most insurance policies won’t cover pre-existing conditions and some policies have a 6-month period where they don’t cover you to see if anything arises in that time frame so if you’re already giving them anything it might not be covered even if you do get insurance.

  • @mlhodgins 8 February, 2019

    No idea Linds but I do know how expensive a vet visit is. $432 today for bloodwork, meds & vitamins.

  • @willworkoutfortakeout 8 February, 2019

    We use PetPlan which lets you personalize your plans! We have two beagles and pay about a $75-80/month. I’ve never had a bad experience with them.

  • @jatindercharn 8 February, 2019

    I think it’s both a waste and needed, I’ve had pet insurance twice now, one for my past dog who never used it and now for my tiny chihuahua. I pay $74 a month for her and about that for my past dog. Now I am too scared to cancel it because I know that’s when I will need it.

  • @audiefaye 8 February, 2019

    It depends....calculate your annual spend vs. policy cost/coverage. I had it for my lab, who was more active and it was worth it. However, some vets offer wellness packages that are just as good you might consider...

  • @nmb627 8 February, 2019

    I worked in the vet field for 10 plus years. When I first heard about pet insurance I rolled my eyes as I thought it was a money making gimmick. But then my job required us to take a seminar (which was only one day) on it and it was explained to us. And it really is a great thing. You just need to make sure you get the right insurance. VPI is a wonderful pet insurance company. It is very much worth getting for your pet! I will most def have pet insurance for all of my animals always.

  • @lyssie121 8 February, 2019

    ** 15-20,000 I just asked my mum!

  • @lyssie121 8 February, 2019

    My pup needed emergency leg surgery twice this year.. without pet insurance idk what we would’ve done, i believe it was beyond 20-30,000 in the end...

  • @ashleygaetzman 8 February, 2019

    We’ve heard of people taking the $100 a month that it would generally cost to have the insurance and start a savings account that you easily have access to if there’s ever an emergency. Instead of putting the $100 into the insurance put the $100 into the savings account and if you never happen to need the insurance then you have a nice account full of money. If you do need it then the extra cash is sitting there to be used for the dogs. I also heard that most don’t cover their general shots and only cover certain medical problems. I think it’s a pretty grey area but just wanted to give my opinion on it.

  • @kixnpres 8 February, 2019

    Mike had great insurance on his boxer - i will ask who he was through:)