Show this to the next person who tells you pet insurance isn't worth it. This one claim covered 90% of an unexpected vet bill right after the Christmas season 💸, and is equivalent to what I would have paid for over 4 years of premiums.
Thank you @petplanpetinsurance and @watzinvetclinic for saving the day! #gopetplan #catsofinstagram #petowner #pets #petinsurance #dog #dogsofinstagram



  • @terifaryn 10 February, 2019

    When Cyrus was sick his bill was $4000. We paid $400 of that. Pet insurance should be a given!!Its inevitable your animals will at some point have to see a vet. Makes no sense to me when people say they don’t have insurance.

  • @jesse0l 9 February, 2019

    I’m so happy Cat6009760-03 is ok