It’s been a while since I’ve shown my face and introduced myself. So hello, I’m Linda 👋
Another ig vs reality post: I live in a rv but I‘m definitely not adventuring/traveling/flying off stuff all the time. Especially in the winter, more often than not this is what I’m doing: computer work, tea and music in my wheeled office 🚐
A question I’m frequently asked on here: what do I do for work?
I’m definitely not super rich/a trust funder/a sugar baby (that was srsly asked…). So my instaresume: long before the vanlife, I started out as a neuroscientist, studying the nitty gritty of how learning and memory work in the brain. I loved the science but disliked the ponzi scheme of academia so I stepped out. I became a science writer and then switched to tech, working remotely after I moved into my rv. Now I’m a data scientist because everything = data, and data = fun (really!). I’m also wanting to do more science/health writing again because I will always be a nerd at heart+mind (and thus the intermittent science stuff I post to my ig stories) 🔬🧬
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  • @sebnnt 26 November, 2019

    Nice soul, pure mind, I like that 🧡

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    Hello @lindalittlewing, Nice to meet you! 😊

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    Nice to meet you. And hello from Singapore!

  • @seanmg1103 27 September, 2019

    Pleasure meeting you

  • @ch_arlie9775 22 September, 2019

    You know Doc(Linda), when and if your adventures bring you to central California, the San Joaquin Valley, I would love the opportunity to be able to meet you and shake your hand! You have incredible courage that I frankly don’t see many men with in this current world! And here you are trekking earth on your own!!! 💪💪💪 Really you are remarkable!! My hat is off to you!!! 🤩

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  • @mbreezy_b 20 August, 2019

    What kind of training did u get as a data scientist? Are there a lot of jobs in this field where you can work remotely?

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    I can see u r wearing a horseshoe necklace in style. 🔥

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    The life...

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    You are the definition of what I have tattooed on my left chest. #followyourheart

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    I love your pics but I have to say You have a pretty smile you should put it in there more often

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  • @nickthompson792 13 August, 2019

    Your my soulmate

  • @geoduuude 11 August, 2019

    Awesome. You made the choice so many of us wish we had the courage to. Do you freelance/contract or full time remote based?

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    Linda I am Jim and OMG you are beautiful.

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    Hola sos muy Bella, me encantaría hacer los deportes que haces pero no puedo llegar a tanto, te Admiro Mucho, Maravillosa Mujer

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    Wow you're so beautiful Little Wing❤️