Missing Brodi, my partner in crime today. We definitely need to come back and film for our OHT Ohana with @kauaibackcountry adventures!!!🤙🏼
Such a fun and unique adventure!!! A must do when visiting Kauai. Hopefully we’ll be back to show our OHT Ohana soon!

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Kauai Backcountry Adventures



  • @m_eesh 17 March, 2019

    You are awesome.. lol 😄

  • @shibagurl09 17 March, 2019

    We LOVED doing this when we were there! This and the helicopter tour were the top 2 best ever experiences

  • @wishingwellshaveice 16 March, 2019

    🍧 🍓🍌🍍

  • @baronislingshot 16 March, 2019


  • @shannon_of_kauai 16 March, 2019

    I recommend this tour to everyone, I did this tour when they first started, with a big groups of friends from age 5 to 80 and everyone had a great time.

  • @leh_tii 16 March, 2019

    I want to live there so bad!!!!

  • @cdarealtor 16 March, 2019

    Cute picture!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • @leh_tii 16 March, 2019

    I wish I lived there missing the island so much!

  • @leh_tii 16 March, 2019

    I love Kauai backcountry tubing!!!