Location: Ark Bar, District Koh Samui, Surat Thani, Thailand 🇹🇭
----------- Ark Bar is one of the most hip (read: Party) places in Koh Samui. The Design of the place is as such that the sound of the music doesn’t reach the rooms. There is a reception and then there are two rows of rooms (namely Superior and Deluxe), and then there is a restaurant with a pool beside it, which opens up to the beach. Very picturesque I tell you. There is a pool party at 2 pm all the way to 8 pm, and by pool party I mean people dipping, sipping and hitting in the pool, listening to some nice music, legitly like any farmhouse getaway Karachiites do. A funny confession, I had never been to a ‘pool’ party before, this was a new and different experience. The best thing about Thailand is that everyone’s in their own world. Nobody cares what you do or don’t, what you wear or you don’t. Total independence of thought. They are here to enjoy. Anyway if ever you guys go to Koh Samui, go for Ark Bar. The place is super nice. Also pretty good for the price. It costed us 7k (PKR) a night for two people. So 3.5k (PKR) per person. ----------
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ARKbar Beach Resort Koh Samui Thailand