The client is thrilled with the result! Thanks to Will @biggest_little_pools for the help! New money saving variable speed pump, much larger filter, new heat/cool heat pump, new salt system, all new valves, new vacuum and wireless control of the pool pump. If you want a pad makeover we’re here ready to help. #chlorineking #chlorinekingpoolservice #poolrepair #poolcleaning #jandypoolproducts #jandy #variablespeedpump #truclear #pumpautomation #cs250 #je3000tr #licensedpoolcontractor #landolakes #boom

Land o' Lakes, Florida



  • @flleaklocators 16 July, 2019

    Looks great! Beautiful work 👌🏼@chlorinekingpools @biggest_little_pools

  • @bluesunpoolspa 16 July, 2019

    Nice work. 👍

  • @konalabs 16 July, 2019

    Upgrading your system is never a bad idea!

  • @spartanpoolservice 16 July, 2019

    Keep an eye on that TruClear cell they don’t like not having some straight pipe before them. I had one that wasn’t producing very well cause it was setup similar to how you have that one

  • @jonathas.vieitas.80 16 July, 2019

    Good job 👌🏼